The core intention of computational visualistics – a 5-year engineering diploma programme introduced at the university of Magdeburg, Germany in 1996 – is to integrate technical know-how of all kinds of generating and processing of digital images with the reflection on pictures and on the contexts of use of technical devices as performed in the humanities. Although these interdisciplinary intentions are widely agreed upon, students often feel less motivated to actually materialize this integration as they mostly find one set of lectures dealing more or less exclusively with technical aspects, and another set dealing predominantly with the perspectives from, e.g., psychology or educational science. While the advantage of learning “across the boundaries” of Snow's Two Cultures is quite accepted, the motivation for doing so often wanes in the face of the effort. In search of a theme for a lecture allowing us to deal with technical and reflective aspects of something relevant for visualistics that would simultaneously gain a high level of motivation from the students, ‘computer game design’ fell into our view, and proved, on careful examination, to be ideal for that purpose. This paper describes, as a case study, the background, structure, and effect of the resulting lecture.

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"Computer game design": How to motivate engineering students to integrate technology with reflection

after agreed amount answer aspect assume attend background basis beginning careful caricature case classical colleague commercial complete computational computer conception consideration context continuation course criteria cycle deal decide demands design develop developing discussion domain education effect end engineer engineering enough expect experience extend fast few field final find first focus followed form further gain game general german go good great group growing help high hour humanities idea image important increasing industry information integrate integrating intention interdisciplinary interest interesting kind knowledge last learn least lecture level look make media mentioned motivate motivation name necessary need new october offer order original own paper part perspective picture plan playing popular practical practice prepare present presentation problem program programme project prove public quality question reflection reflective relation relevant respect science scientist search second seem serious set significant social society software solution student study supposed talk task technical technology term thank theme think thought time understand university up use visualistics want work

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