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Year PaperKW% *
'13 The Anthropological Function of Pictures0,47
'07 Computational Visualistics and Picture Morphology. An Introduction.1,54
'07 Conclusive Notes On Computational Picture Morphology 1,33
'07 To Show and To Say: Comparing the Uses of Pictures and Language.0,35
'04 Computational Visualistics: Dealing with Pictures in Computer Science0,42
'03 Variations and Application Conditions Of the Data Type "Image" 0,29
'02 Selecting Styles for Tele-Rendering. Toward a rhetoric in computational visualistics1,05
'98 Abstraction versus Realism: Not the Real Question0,19
'96 Prolegomena to the programme 'computational visualistics'0,25
'94 The Connection of Visual and Verbal Space 0,02

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