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'13 The Anthropological Function of Pictures0,53
'10 Homo pictor and the Linguistic Turn: Revisiting Hans Jonas’ Picture Anthropology 0,40
'07 Computational Visualistics and Picture Morphology. An Introduction.0,67
'07 Review: Materie und Geist. Eine philosophische Untersuchung. [Matter and Mind. A Philosophical Investigation]. Arno Ros. 2,28
'07 To Show and To Say: Comparing the Uses of Pictures and Language.0,37
'04 Computational Visualistics: Dealing with Pictures in Computer Science0,47
'03 Variations and Application Conditions Of the Data Type "Image" 0,25
'02 Selecting Styles for Tele-Rendering. Toward a rhetoric in computational visualistics0,38
'01 “Computer game design”: How to motivate engineering students to integrate technology with reflection0,42
'98 Abstraction versus Realism: Not the Real Question0,21
'95 Optional Deep Case Filling and Focus Control With Mental Images: ANTLIMA-KOREF0,45
'95 Understanding Radio Broadcasts On Soccer: The Concept 'Mental Image' and Its Use in Spatial Reasoning0,20
'94 Bildbeschreibung als Verbindung von visuellem und sprachlichem Raum0,01
'94 The Connection of Visual and Verbal Space 0,12
'93 Connecting Visual and Verbal Space: Preliminary Considerations Concerning the Concept 'Mental Image'0,08
'93 Contribution to Reference Semantics of Spatial Prepositions: The Visualization Problem and its Solution in VITRA0,10
'87 From Image Sequences to Natural Language: A First Step towards Automatic Perception and Description of Motion. 0,24

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